Wine racks are often considered to be a storage unit from times gone by, solely functional and kept out of sight. To me this view is wrong and that the wine rack should have a place within our modern kitchen diners and be on display.
In relation to a wine’s life span, the majority of consumers only store wine for a short period of time. However it is becoming more common to keep wines of memorable occasions on display. 
For me this project outlined the benefits of prototyping. The involvement of scale models and material science played a key role within this projects design process. Originally made from a single sheet of lasercut and formed acrylic, the Wine-V undertook a series of changes before being finally put on display and sale.
Early on, it became clear that laminating two sheets of acrylic would create greater structural integrity and an opportunity for aesthetic value. As a result, the Wine-V sits comfortably between the contemporary style or Karim Rashid’s mass produced goods and Stuart Melrose’s ‘iconic modern furniture.’ 
The Wine-V was subsequently on sale in Seale Hayne gallery in Newton Abbot, through private sales, and on display in Bistro One, Plymouth’s ‘Best Restaurant Of The Year’ in 2011/20012.